The 15:20 Coalition is a partnership of North American churches and individuals around the world that work together to train, develop, equip and send indigenous workers from unreached people groups to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We strategically target areas in the world where the Gospel has started to take root but where there are virtually no native Evangelical Christians or churches to proclaim Jesus’ name.

Give To A Worker

The 1520 Coalition has partnerships with workers abroad in places like Togo, Kosovo, Albania, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Greece and Afghanistan.

Give To Global Missions

Global Missions supports all aspects of the 1520 Coalition. Other individuals and organizations are networked with us through various programs like Biblical Soulcare in the United States and also in the areas we plant churches.

Biblical Soulcare

Need counseling? Biblical Soulcare is a counseling ministry that serves over 200 families. Someone in your church struggling, a friend, a family member, maybe you? Contact us for more information

Church Planting

Training, equipping and sending national workers focused on planting churches among the targeted people groups.

Teaching, Training, & Discipling

Equipping national leaders with a practical knowledge of God’s word to effectively care for those who need to see and experience the light and life of Jesus.