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We have recently had to remove our contact form, due to the prevalence of AI bots spamming our organization with email. You can still contact us in the same way.

Email us at

Phone Nr +1-877-520-1520

How can I get involved?

Support our work abroad, send a missions team to one of our locations, or send people whom you may know to be struggling to visit our Soulcare ministry and fill out an application for Biblical Soulcare Counseling.

Who are the least-reached people groups?

The Joshua Project defines least-reached people groups as those where there are no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize that particular people group without outside assistance. For the purposes of the 15:20 Coalition we limit our work in people groups where less than 0.5% of the population are Evangelical Christians.

How will my giving be used?

  • Approximately 66% of all giving is spent on church planting. We spent 25% on providing Biblical Soulcare to people in need., 5% was spent on ministry development of the 15:20 Coalition, 2% was spent on training and 2% was spent on administrative overhead.
  • You can designate your giving to a people group by stating the location of the people group where the 15:20 is working.
  • You can also designate your giving to helping to provide Biblical Soulcare to individuals who are struggling to respond to life’s most difficult issues.