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Czech Republic

Greetings from the Czech Republic! We are Mirek and Olinka Klepacek. We have two kids, Eunika who is 13, and Joel is who is 10 years old. We have been serving with Word of Life Church, in the Czech Republic since 2003. We moved into leadership there in 2011, and in 2018 handed over the leadership to the next generation of leaders there. Now, we are planting a new church. We are  focusing on this local church, which is a home church, and helping as a guest at second church. We want to focus on outreach in this new ministry, and tangibly bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached people around us. Bringing hope that the Lord Jesus gives, is our goal. The Czech Republic is mostly atheist and agnostic. Will you join with us in prayer and financial support?

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We are Beau & Esther and our son Enoc Levi. Since we have been married we have traveled to various countries such as India, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Spain, etc. in order to be able to learn about different cultures and reach people to lead them to Jesus Christ. Between the two of us we speak German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian languages. We have also served in different community houses and local churches to grow as disciples and to disciple others. The most recent community has been in Germany, with a house group belonging to a local church which we focus on leading it on studying and learning about the Word of God, equipping others to preach the Gospel and putting into practice what we read.
Currently we are in southeast Spain, where we live within an international community. We have fellowship on a regular basis with the community around us. Our vision is to establish a church plant here that would mirror the community churches we see modeled in the Book of Acts.
In summary, we see the importance of sharing the Gospel with all creation and we make ourselves as available as possible to bring people to Jesus whether in the streets of a country, in the market place, or at home.

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Togo, Africa

In this region of the world our partners live under the threat of physical harm because of their faith in Jesus. Much of the evangelistic effort must be conducted underground and so ongoing prayer is needed for the spread of the gospel and the safety of our partners. Another specific need for these partners is for boldness in sharing their faith with family members who have lived their life in opposition to the gospel. In recent months, several good opportunities for Christ have presented themselves – so pray that the grace of God would abound to the saving of these souls. It is difficult in these regions because there is no such thing as ‘legal missionary’ status even for the nationals who are citizens in these countries. What this means is that all of our partners must have a job through which they provide for their livelihood in part. These can vary from humanitarian works – such as arranging for open heart surgeries for children with congenital heart defects, to being licensed tour guides for foreign visitors to their local communities. One of the ways that we partner together with these brave evangelists is through training. However, since this is not possible ‘in country’, special trips are arranged for our partners to travel outside of their home country and receive the training related to pastoring and church planting in a location that is safer.

During the early part of 2017, our leader was able to visit a country in this region. This was in an area that was relatively safe physically, but with many medical risks. He had the opportunity to provide about sixty hours of training over a period of seven straight days in which he taught for six to eight hours a day. During the course of this training, several of the men wanted to share with the leader their story of faith. One in particular was about a young man who was a devout follower of Muhammad. He was in charge of saying the daily calls to prayer. One day, while he was waiting outside near the street to enter the Mosque, a car careened out of control, hit him and exploded in flames. The result left this man scarred and physically disabled for life. In the years since that accident, the man learned to follow Jesus but always continued to struggle with why God would allow such an ugly circumstance to impact his life to such a degree. Through the teaching given during our leader’s visit, this man learned about what Paul Tripp calls ‘uncomfortable grace’.  At first, this was a hard term for the man to accept, but by the end of the week he came to see and embrace the fact that his ‘accident’ was a key part of God’s drawing him to Himself.

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Every week, our partners help an evangelical church share the gospel among refugees. It is wonderful when you see Syrian, Afghanistan, and Kurdish refugees hear the Gospel of salvation. During a Sunday ministry, a man from Afghanistan was touched by the Spirit of God and asked to be baptized at that moment. That night it was very cold and very windy. The pastor said that baptism would be made tomorrow, but, Muhammad, the man who sought to be baptized asked to be baptized in that moment. We immediately paused the meeting and went to the sea and he was baptized. During the Christmas season, a festive celebration was held and four of the six families to whom our team had been ministering came to the celebration. A clear presentation of the gospel was followed by good discussion with each of the families. These families need our prayers that God in his grace would open their hearts and minds to the truth of the gospel. Finally, our partners in this region have been asked to share their thoughts on Paul’s letter to the Romans and they will be given this opportunity in two local churches.  A special prayer request from our partners in this region is that God would grant them favor in the eyes of the government.